Preaching Christ to the World

24/7 Global Evangelism | Jesus Christ Only TV | The Everlasting Gospel Program|
Posted 15 Apr 2020

24/7 Global Evangelism | Jesus Christ...

24/7 Global Evangelism| Jesus Christ Only TV| The Everlasting Gospel Program| Preaching Christ to the world| The ultimate hope and Savior of the world| Christian Internet TV| Why you must know Jesus| The Key mission of God| Do you have a home in Heaven?| Sin and repentance| Hell is real and forever burning. Revelation 14:6 Then I saw another... Continue »
Posted 15 Apr 2020

Christian Internet TV

    Jesus Christ Only TV is a leading Christian Internet TV network, and the host of The Everlasting Gospel Program centered on preaching Christ to the world and to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people. It is also involved in 24/7 Global Evangelism, proclaiming that Jesus Christ is the ultimate hope and savior of the world. The Everlasting gospel... Continue »
Posted 08 Mar 2018

Hell is real and forever burning

Hell is real and forever Burning Hell is real and Hot, Please don’t go there. Hell is a place of eternal suffering and punishment in the afterlife Hell from beneath is excited to welcome you there if you don’t know Jesus!(Look at the picture above, a new arrival is being received by demons in Hell looking really scared,if you are... Continue »